Do you feel differently about your ex, after getting back together, than you felt about them before the break-up?

My ex and I have been separated for 3 months. I didn't feel like he cared enough about me and he had a lot of problems on his own, so we decided to break up. The first month was like living hell for me, but I managed to get over him after all so it was OK in the end. The thing is... the last couple of weeks he's been texting me a lot, calling me pet names, talking about old times, flirting and asking me out, so I guess he may want us to get back together. I felt that I still love him, so finally, I agreed to go have a drink with him and try again if he asks me to. But the thing is... when we did go out I didn't feel anything. Like... after hurting so bad for so long because of him, I feel kind of numb. Is it something that goes away with time? I mean... after getting back with an ex after so long, do feelings eventually change to the way they were before the break-up, or the fact that I feel like this now, means that I don't love him anymore?


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  • Have you forgiven him, or are you able to? Has he changed, for the better?

    • Yes, I have. And I think he's changed, but I don't feel anything - neither bad nor good...

    • My questions are based on the fact that you stated you still love him. If such is the case, I'd say it's possible, but perhaps unlikely.

      Generally speaking, a person's feelings changes for the better prior to reconciling with an ex, but there are cases where people's have reconciled with an ex without having strong feelings, and development strong feelings after.

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