I am dating two guys at the same time, I like them both but I think the other guy is gay?

By gay means, just my observation:
1. Feminine - how he cross his arms, how we walks and how he talks + facial expression. Being an observant myself, i am really doubting if he is straight.
2. While making out - He didn't give me pleasure much. I dont do oral and he got disappointed.
3. After making out - no cuddle. Morning came, nothing happened. Even kiss nothing! But he was caressing my legs.

I am really confused. I liked him better initially but due to my doubts, the other guy is leading now but i still like him.

How will i know if he is really straight?


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  • Ask him! Be direct. If he's gay, he'll tell you straight out. If he's not, he might take offense, but you'll know where you stand. If he asks why you'd say something like that, tell him why.


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