Why would my boyfriend ask if I could get have a baby?

I had a medical condition which requires me on birth control to regulate my periods/hormones. we been dating for 8 months. he asked me Randomy if I can have a baby. what's that about?


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  • That's important to many men in the long run; many want kids. I had a friend of mine married just after I did. Her husband seemed like a nice guy and they were a good couple. However, later she got a medical condition and could not have kids. He couldn't handle that - apparently "in sickness and in health" is a meaningless vow to him. They divorced and, of course, she had a broken heart because, otherwise, this guy was decent. I later learned he got a girlfriend pregnant. I don't know if he married that girlfriend because I thought he was such a douche after having done that to my friend that I de-friended him from Facebook. He's not a real man because a real man would live by his word and stick by and be loyal to his woman.

    So, yes, having kids is important to many men so, if he has no kids already and wants them, it is likely a deal-breaker for him if you cannot have kids.

    • I understand but we're both 29. he has no kids and we're not married yet

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  • I think he's just asking whether or not it's possible for you to conceive.. Nothing more, nothing less.

    • so it wouldn't have to do with my future relationship?

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    • we won't debate any longer. sorry

    • Message me tomorrow if you like.. Goodnight.

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