Need help figuring out what's up with this girl?

Hey having trouble with this girl we met and have been snap chatting for about a month now it seems like she's really into me it's just that when I ask her to hangout she wants to wait for awhile I asked her why and she said she still thinks about her ex boyfriend I guess he cheated on her and she was heart broken so I said if you still have feelings for him I'll back off she said she never wants to get back together with him I just don't get why she doesn't wanna hangout with me sooner and she won't set a date again I really think she likes me I just don't know why she doesn't wanna hangout sooner any help? Thanks


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  • Just let her come to you. The more you question or pressure her, the more she will feel obligated to either hang out and/or question her feelings for you altogether. No one can understand exactly what's going on in her head except for her but just tell her you're always there to talk/hang out when she wants to.


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