What would you have done in this situation?

I was watching a tv show called "What Would You Do?" and they acted out a situation where a couple were on their first date. The guy had a credit card but no cash on hand and when he went to pay his card kept getting declined. They filmed the reactions of other people in the restaurant and it was interesting to say the least.

The older women in the restaurant actually told the girl to make this her last date with him; to never date him again. The host came out after and asked one woman if the girl should have chipped in with her money and she said no, the guy is supposed to pay on the first date. There was a married couple in the restaurant and they were kicking each other under the table because they didn't agree with each other's opinions. The wife had a similar opinion as the other women but the husband felt sympathetic towards the guy and went to give him the money for his date while the wife didn't want him to do this - she wanted the guy to learn a lesson: to always carry cash on a date.

All I can say is wow, the gender divide is strong here. Perhaps one thing I can take away from this is that it is difficult to feel sympathetic towards people of the opposite sex.

What do you think of all this?


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  • Honestly I don't always agree with the 'guy pays on the first date thing', I pay just cause I want to, not cause there is this stupid rule
    The one who asks the other out is the one I should pay, but maybe that's just me

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