Is romance still available?

The reason I'm single is because I haven't found someone I would find worth dating. I'm getting tired of on the 1st date getting asked out to go meet them at their house.

Or finding out it's just to walk around (nothing at all but just walking... lol) and talk, nothing else... and I've wasted more than an hour getting ready for him.

So basically this is what I'm finding dating that it has turned into either hook-up, getting asked to spend in their house and going nowhere and walking around into nowhere just to talk (going dutch that is).
Not exactly how dates were like when my mother was my age. There was romance and both of them would do things for one another.


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  • I've noticed this problem lately. It's as if people have absolutely zero imagination or ambition. I know a guy who thinks a first date is just walking around the mall in a circle and that's all he ever does.

    As for guys who want to meet at your house on the first date, just avoid them entirely.


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  • yes it is, you just have to keep trying, everyone has their own style to dating, some prefer to go wild with sex on the first night, some play it casual, some are gentlemen, and some don't have a clue what to do. the best advise i can give you is to just keep looking, search around and date different guys, delve right into it, and if you want, try initiating it too, guys want to be loved just like girls do sometimes! so don't be afraid, jump in and explore.

  • Talking by MY experience, there's barely any romantic girl out there. Yeah, they want to receive romance, but they never give.
    Since I don't date guys, I don't know if there are plenty of romantic guys out there, I know I'm romantic, but I don't know about the rest.

    Girls need to stop demanding romance when they don't give any.

  • the problem here is that people aren't thinking of marriage when searching for a mate... they are only thinking about the moment... kids are just too impulsive. you shouldn't start dating unless you're ready for marriage... otherwise , it's as you said: either hook-ups, getting asked to spend in their house and going nowhere and walking around into nowhere just to talk (going dutch that is).

    • I'm actually looking for a serious relationship that will one day lead towards marriage. Otherwise, I'm not interest in casual encounters.

    • then look for men sharing your values and views.

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