What do girls care most about in guys?

I am going through the worst phase of my life. I left my country and came to Canada. I am studying and working. I just can't have any friends at all or any girl dating me. I just find it too awkward to meet new people. My English is verry good and is not the problem. I am good at school and work.
Is it possible for a girl to be interested in dating me if she knows I just don't have friends to hang out with? I am a nice guy I respect girls and people in general I love to make my girl happy and sure I can. But I am too nervous to ask a girl for a date because I am embarrased to let her know she is the first not only the girl but also a friend I would meet in the city where I am.
I feel way too bad about that. I really want to know if I should keep living lonely and being the saddest guy ever. Or NO I should try to date a girl even though I don't have any friends and my current life is only school and work. It seems like girls only like social guys and sport players. I really feel bad. I am not that socially big, also not rich... But I am smart funny and good looking and deep in life.
I would love to hear your opinions thanks.


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  • 1.) Money
    2.) Status
    3.) Confdence
    4.) Humor

    then respect, honesty, loyalty, unselfishness

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