GUYS kicked a ball a girl?

So I went to the track field to run and there was my college soccer team practicing in the middle of the grass field. As I entered I could tell they were staring and talking about me. I was just walking at first around the track and out of no where (I wasn't paying attention to my surrounding) a soccer ball rolls infront of me.. I looked around and some of the guys were looking at me.. but the ball bounced off and went back on the grass. But weird thing was they weren't playing soccer.. they were just training so I was confused how the ball got all the way here (the field is big). Even though the ball was close to me, the ball bounced back on the grass field and also I didn't know exactly who threw the ball and the guys were busy in their training so I just kept on walking. Do you think I was being rude that i didn't throw the ball back? And do you think they threw the ball at me on purpose?


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  • I certainly hope not


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