Cheap date ideas?

Anyone have any cheap date ideas as I am on a limited budget? Partner likes to be outdoors a lot so there's a better chance to do some free stuff like hiking or camping but I still want some ideas. Something fun that not many couples do.


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  • Go hiking and have a picnic :)

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  • There's a golf course nearby my house so I love to have late night picnics there bring all nice and scenic.

    Hiking is always really nice.

    Frozen yogurt is usually super cheap if you are wanting to spend some money. Plus there is always the added benefit that you pay up front so if the date goes really bad, or really good, you can gracefully leave without waiting for a check.

    Netflix movie night.

    Depending where you live, camping out in a tent in a forest area nearby. Backyard even if you have a big enough yard.

    I once snuck out with a girl in a beach town and we walked all around the place at night for hours then found an abandoned beach house, fell asleep on the deck together and woke up to watch the sunset. Not sure where you live but I'm sure you could figure out a variation of the same thing.

    Going up to a place with a really good view to go star gazing, then bringing a good speaker and playing music to slow dance under the stars to.


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  • Picnic
    Go to the beach


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