Guys, celibacy.. What do you think?

I've been celibate for years because I want to wait until I get married. I hadn't even kissed a guy for three years but I recently slipped up and let this guy finger me and now I feel really stupid about it because I ended up liking him. He only wanted sex although he sent me a lot of mixed signals, like cuddling all night etc. I would have never had sex with him but feel sad about letting it go that far. He probably thinks I'm easy too? Does allowing him to finger me so fast make me look like a ho?

Lol no one has answered my question which was how men view doing other things besides sex quickly..


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  • I really don't understand it. Your first sexual experience is usually going to be bad and potentially discouraging, especially for the female who will be prone to pain and discomfort.

    There's usually little magical about a first sexual encounter. The magic usually happens later when you've found the right sexual partner.

    The thing about celibacy to me is that you pick your lifelong sexual partner and discover how well or poorly he satisfies you *after* you've made a lifelong commitment.

    That doesn't make much sense to me, but I'm not a religious person or anything of that sort (probably why).

    As for fingering and oral sex and so forth, if that doesn't count as "sex" by your standards, maybe that would at least allow you to find out how well he can pleasure you short of the ultimate act of sexuality.

  • It's sex. Not genocide. You are a normal person for having sexual urges not a monster. If you want to get laid go do it it.