I'm considerably older than a girl who really seems to like me, but I get self-conscious about asking her out. What can I do?

She's 20 and I'm 33. She has showed significant signs of interest before and after finding out I was thirteen years older. In any normal situation I would have asked her out by now, but there's still enough uncertainty to make me wonder if asking her out would be weird.

I'm in a masters program in the same department as her bachelors program and we have all of our classes together. She is usually approaching me, sitting/standing by me, etc. She seems to talk about more personal things with me than other guys. I kind of wonder if she is intimidated at times. I've heard her describe herself as an old soul. She does act a little older than she is.

My last girlfriend was eight years younger than me so I have an idea about the challenges. With her, she didn't think twice about our age difference and we got along extremely well.

I realize I'm eventually going to have to just go for it to know for sure, but it would be helpful to get some opinions first. Maybe there are better ways to go about asking her out? We never really get a chance to really get to know each other so it would be nice to have that opportunity in a setting outside of class.


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  • I'm around her ago and I love dating older men. Ask her out, she's of legal age. You never know sometimes age gaps balance each other out. If it doesn't work out at least you know, but if it does you'll be glad you pursued it. Nothing is worse than regretting a choice that could've made you the happiest that you've ever been


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