My guy friend said this to me? Is this what I think it is?

My best guy friend is very shy and today, he came over and instead of watching our favorite show, he talked for hours on what's been new with him since last weekend. During the convo, he mentioned he ran into his ex on Sunday and that they went to talk because the ex wanted to be friends long after their breakup. I subtly said maybe they'd get back together and he gave a very honest and surprising answer that he know they wouldn't and he didn't want to anyway (he was the one who ended the relationship and the ex has a boyfriend). I was shocked to have him tell me so, so much and it felt nice but what got me later on was that somehow I mentioned my favorite drink was champagne because I don't drink much and he said, "One of these days, I'm going to buy you a bottle of champagne and we'll have a drink together and talk." The way he said "talk" was very... interesting, if you follow me. He's not a womanizer or anything like that. Very shy guy and kind.

What does that mean?

Is my best friend implying he's thinking about asking me out or something? Oh my god, I can't breathe, ahaha. He said it very smooth-like too and he repeated it twice and I know he means it, he always does what he promises but that offer is none that he's ever given me. He also bailed on his guy friends today who were going to go clubbing just to spend the whole night with me and we both had lots of fun (not sex, lol, we're not like that). :)


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  • Sounds either very positive to me (if you want this) or negative (if you don't). I'd consider it pretty safe to bet that he wants you as more than a friend.

    • @ak666 Oh my goodness! I sure hope so! :) It was said very positively.

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    • Sounds very good to me, especially coming from a shy guy (might have been rehearsed). Only one way to find out, and if you take some action too, it might give you something resembling a fast-forward button to find out the results sooner (but don't try to fast-forward too much, or he might like you and yet be scared away if you become very aggressive).

    • I was still trying to figure out how I could give you the MHO but I noticed I had to wait 24 hrs and I wanted to thank you so much! You helped me out so much and I can't help but reread your comments because... this is very exciting! :)

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  • I think he ants to be more than friends


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  • Sounds like he likes you.