First date question?

I have been told to never go out with a guy alone for a first date, girls do you follow this? There are times when i think this is stupid but there are times also when i feel doing it.

Guys, have you experienced such circumstances? how did you feel and what did you think about the girl or about bringing a companion on a first date? Did you dislike it?


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  • Never put yourself in a position where you are alone with him. There's safety in numbers. Meet in public where there are other people. Don't accept rides home. Watch out for your drinks being spiked. Better to be safe than sorry.

    • even if we meet in public place like a coffee shop? Have you been in a date like that?

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    • that's good to know you are one of the good guys :) some guys are just pervs

      I almost accepted a ride before like when he wanted to fetch me from my house. good thing i didn't. Later on all he talks about is sex. smh

      I wonder what guys think when the girl brings a companion.

    • Thanks for MHO!

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  • Go to a public place. Give family/friends a lot of info on him. Pay or use a credit card to track your locations. Make sure your phone has its gps on and tracks your location history.

    • I dont have a credit card.. thanks for the tip!

      what did u feel during those dates when she brought a companion?

    • She never did; but she left info to family where she was... and who I was.

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  • Talk about family or how anyonning they are at times. Or the strangest things happen at school! For example. u could talk about the time your teacher was talking about sex and everything was freakin out hahah!

    • he might think im annoying. lol

    • eh... Fuck off! i am awesome apple! No one should think ur anyoniing. If he like u!

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