So I just met this good looking girl in college, approached her and ended up getting her number. not been a week and she wants a relationship already?

I was expecting a big challenge from such a beautiful girl however it was actually easy... don't get me wrong, not saying it's a bad thing but it is just too weird. I feel she was really lonely or something to just instantly like me like that, should I just go with the flow or tell her to be patient?


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  • I'd say just go with it! Who knows, she just might be the love of your life lol :D! OR the faster you know it won't work out, the faster you can move on to the next girl!! that could possibly be the love of your life lol :D!

    No, but really, unless you REALLLY see a reasonable enough reason not to move forward, i'd say just do it! Everything doesn't always have to be so properly timed to work or not work.

  • LOL dude she likes you! Are you that terrible of a person that no one can ever like you? If you like her back then go with the flow and have fun. If you're not ready for that then just be honest with her and hang out for fun. Win-win either way ;)

    • Well it's weird because I've never had it this easy, either friendzones or had to put more effort to get her. Thanks though, guess I'll go with the flow

    • Hey sometimes things are super easy and it can turn into something amazing. so yay flow!

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