Are attractive/handsome guys different to the average guys? If so, how?

People (men and women) who are generally popular and attractive gain more attention than those who are average looking. How does this affect them when it comes to dating and going after someone they like? Do they ever approach someone they like? or these handsome guys always wait for someone to approach them or do they go out of their way to approach someone?
I would assume that even though they have a very bold, extrovert personality... when it comes to relationships, they are more submissive. Is this true? What do you guys think?


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  • ever since my face matured i hear about my looks every single day. the funny part is it's usually from strangers on the street normally gay guys, young girls, or drunk girls. or girls just being obnoxious. i'm definitely the best looking out of all my friends and my friends know it and tease me about it.

    when im out with my friends, yes i do usually get all of the attention, from girls and guys, but i do try to share it and bring my friends in the spotlight as well.

    when someone is constantly treated like this they will naturally grow an ego and naturally become more confident in themselves. i have no problem approaching girls, sometimes i get shy. often i will approach girls for my friends if they are too shy.

    i get approached at parties sometimes. rarely by hot girls. i will reject her if im not interested, and i will tell her how much i respect what she did cause i know its hard for girls to do that.

    as far as relationships, i like being as submissive as i am dominant. i want me and the girl to have equal power, i want to be able to dominate her and have her submit, and i also want her to dominate me and be submissive sometimes. if i have all the power i get bored. i think i'm a lot to handle in a relationship so the girl NEEDS to be strong and sometimes put her foot down and not take any of my fucking bullshit

    • Wow! I LOOOVE YOUR ANSWER! Thank you so much, this is exactly what I was looking for! I just have a few more questions, since you made some really good points.
      1) You approach girls, but are these girls you are actually interested in? You do it for your friends, but what about when it is for yourself (you are attracted to her) and the girl is also popular and attractive/ receives a lot of male attention?
      2) Why do you think you rarely get approached at parties from the hot girls?

      I love the fact that you mentioned that you are a lot to handle in a relationship because I think I am as well... I recently met this guy who I noticed is very popular with the girls (+ flirtatious), but I get hot/cold signals from him. I am quite popular myself I would say, I once told him, I don't think we would match because we are both too used to getting all the attention. I'm totally confused with him... Can I send you a private pm? :)

    • yeah sure, send me a message. i studied psych and sociology, along with a lot of philosophy courses so i love talking about this stuff

    • Great! I will send you a pm :) thankss!

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  • Well that's certainly depends on the person. Some may turn arrogant/douchy
    while others will enjoy it and become warm/kind hearted.

    And as for the submissive personality, that also varies
    I'd actually assume these people to be more imposing.

    There's no right answer though. ^.^

    • That's true. There is no right way to answer it... Everybody is different. Thanks for your answer! :)

  • well when I was 14 or 15 I always had women around me and I considered myself hot
    but now I consider myself a regular guy and trust me there's no difference cause I would sit down and play games with guys who where considered hot


    • That's a really good point! Thanks for mentioning it... So not even in dating they are different?

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    • lol... I am not trying to control him nor do I want to. I just want to get to know him better and understand how these type of men specimen function :P
      I know that he will always get female attention, I just wanted to understand better how men think. This is why we are all here at the end of the day :-)

    • okay than ask me any question you ill answer

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  • I think everyone has a soft spot when it comes to someone we like. We can all act high and mighty or as scared as a bat when it comes to dating, but there would be always that one type of person that can make us melt like a pool of water (regardless if we are just the average joe or a celebrity look alike)