Any suggestions on what is going on or how to figure it out?

I'm really good friends with the girl that I like and we've know each other for a while, but we've never gone out or anything like that. I've told her that I like her but she had told me she just wanted to be friends but that was months ago and now she tells me that she isn't sure how she feels. But about 2 weekends ago I was texting her and we got on the topic of "us" and she told me she wasn't sure how she felt, and I told her something about that if she doesn't feel that way then she doesn't, ya know trying to be supportive, but she then said I don't know if I feel that way any more. then ya know more talking and then I asked her how she felt like right at that time, and she told me she wanted to try us but wasn't sure how she'd feel later. So that was almost good but not at the same time. Point is that the like 2 weeks after that she has seemed to be distancing herself a little bit, like basically ignoring me at a party, and short and pointed conversations, and just distancing herself in general. Like I said she's been this way so I don't know if its just something else going on in her life but I don't know if its me or what. Any suggestions on what is going on or how to figure it out?


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  • Wow no way I just went thru something like that. well just give her some space because she is thinking about what she should do and stuff. or she kinda regretted that she told you she had feelings for you(hopefully that is not is). so just give her a while to think about it and text or call her again and be like so what's up what do you think about us because I have been thinking about us. so ya I hope that helps man.

    • Man I really appreciate it thanks, but like it'd been two weeks almost should I just call and say like what you said, the only thing is what happens when she say I don't know or something like that?

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  • She is uncomfortable with the fact that you have feelings for her. Trust me, I know. She's just bullshitting her way out because she doesn't want to hurt your feelings. She's not worth your time if she can't even respect you as a friend to tell her how she really feels. She thinks she's saving you from having your heart broken and eventually you'll fade away by ignoring you. But looks like she's doing more harm by confusing the hell out of you, dragging you behind her, and not letting you move on. There are plenty fish in the sea. DON'T text her, DON'T call her. Move on with your life. Chances are, she'll call you when she's bored, has nothing to do, when she can't get a hold of her other "friends". This is why they call women evil, my friend (not all women). I don't want to admit it, but it's true. And by looking at your age, she'll come to realization that she missed out a nice guy when she turns about... 21 after she gets cheat on by assholes after man whores.

    • I'm not too sure about what your saying, she's not trying to like forget that I exist, I mean yeah she's confusing the hell out of me but like she's the kind of person who would take a long time to make a decision on something like this, and as a correction its been more like 10 days.

    • Stop making excuses FOR her. If she wants you, she does, if she doesn't she doesn't. If she's ignoring you, it doesn't mean that she's taking time to decide whether or not she wants to be with you. It sucks, but that's how it works. And calling her and texting her isn't going to help you OR her. If she doesn't like you, it's making her uncomfortable that you like her. If she DOES want to take the chance with you, let HER contact you when she's made her mind.

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