Guys, Guys idea of a perfect girlfriend?

If you could have your ideal girlfriend what would it be? What attracts you to look at women and what are turn offs? More detailed answer the better:)

  • Blonde Barbie looking girl
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  • Brunette Barbie looking girl
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  • Red-Head Barbie looking girl
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  • All of these involve Barbie when that really isn't anything close to my ideal aesthetic. The Barbie aesthetic just seems like one of such superficiality. I think most women tend to look their best with their natural hair color, perhaps tinted at most, and I think blondes, brunettes, and red heads can all be very beautiful.

    My ideal type has always been a sophisticated and eloquent kind of woman, perhaps with a passion of sorts: history, art, music (like playing or composing), culture, something of this sort -- maybe a career woman -- the kind that might sip wine and challenge you intellectually.

    Physically I've always liked slender with her body making long, graceful lines, from neck to shoulder, from hips to legs. If there's one place I like being rather fleshy and heavy, it'd be her butt.

  • I would prefer a brunette , but to hell with the Barbie look , that look involves to much drama. Ideally she would have a personallity that would make up for any other beauty she may lack. I would prefer an average body over the super hot model body. She would have to have a great smile , be generous to a fault and have a pleasant dememor.

  • i like a girl on the scale of fit - chubby/fat ( but still healthy ), Red-Heads are my favorite... but really that dose't mean much. I like a girl that seams like she'd make a grate mom some day so one's that have a sweet girl look to them or a bad ass bitch look. I like both girls that have colored hair , piercings and tattoos and I like the girl that is soft and supper fem. I like girls that like to explore and have a vary open mined. she's gotta love art / music and she's gotta love to eat , I'm not into girls that do drugs but i like her to be open to the idea of them and to enjoy stoner culture. she's gotta have something that she's passionate about that I'm not cuz if we both love the same thing that can be annoying/ too much and she's gotta be chill / able to laugh at life. Big turn offs: stupid people that think there being cute , someone with poor hygiene, someone that is unhealthy / doesn't care about there body, someone that never likes to go out , someone that's nagging or judgement, someone that never trying to look nice or always trying to look nice , someone that's not honest.