Based on my profile pic and description of myself would beautiful women feel left out or happy if I just dont consider them as potential girlfriends?

I'm 23 and slightly overweight. I'm sorta nerdy and enjoy ballroom dancing and trying new things. I would be looking for a best friends who just happens to also be my girlfriend. I would enjoy spending all day with her but am fine hanging out by self. I'm talkative if we start a conversation but enjoy sitting back and listening. I'm very affectionate but back off if you're uncomfortable. Based on my looks I'm usually put in the nice guy category. I'm fun loving and just want to enjoy spending time with people. Im not sure why but I usually feel like the more attractive a girl is the less we would have in common. Will any girls feel like they are missing out or for me is this a good way to look at dating?

If you want to know more about me to give an answer just ask 😁


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  • I don't think so, no.


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