Caught him out, has it happened to you?

Hi all, so I've had a horrible week. I've been dating a guy who I've known since last year for two months. I asked him if he was only dating and sleeping with me, he said yes. But he wouldn't call me his girlfriend. My gut feeling kicked in over the last 2-3 weeks that something wasn't right, just felt there was another woman.
I was right and caught him with her this week when I turned up unannounced at his home. The other woman had an idea and it came as a complete shock. So he has been lying to us both and having his cake and eat it. He didn't give any remorse and seemed quite chuffed with himself and told us both to get out his house and compare notes.
I find it sickening that these individuals exist and that they play the game so well, but at least I sussed him eventually. I know he's two women down now so he got what was coming to him and we walk away with our honesty and loyalty in tact.
lots of you must have experienced similar? I've been cheated on yes but never been confronted with it head on, ie the other woman being present. I'm still in shock. How did others move on from it? I've nothing left to give a man


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  • If you find out, let me know. I was cheated on after 2 years and been single since because of it. That was a year and half ago.

    • If im honest with you the last 3 men I have met all cheated on me... the problem seems to lie with these internet dating sorts, there's too much variety for them.
      But well my husband did it too hence I'm divorced. It's crazy

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    • Yeah, cheaters are flat out the worst kind of people. It actually caused me to somewhat switch teams for a time

    • Talk about things you don't usually confide in people.. Heh

  • You have plenty to give a man don't worry *big hug*

    • Thank you that's very kind

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    • Wish you the best

    • 😊 thank you

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