I need advice, if I take the wrong risk, my relationship wit my boyfriend and family is over?

A while ago after Halloween, My mom saw some pics she wasnr supposed to see and she fipped on me and i wasn't allowed to be with my boyfriend nor talk to him and i was grounded for a long time. My boyfriend and I have been secertly dating for 3 months now after everyhing happened and I feel like its time to talk to my mom and tell her that i saw him at a gathering and that he apologized to me and he wants to apologize to you and ask her permission if him and i can be friends again ( i said friends because i wanna be able to go chill places with him and not lie about where im at or who im with) I need to know what to do and how to apporach her. Any help would be amazing!

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  • Mom... I lied..

    if you can mange to say that.. the rest will be ez pz...

    • *There is no right way to tell someone you lied. You're wasting your time looking for one.

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  • Tell her... parents always have a way of finding out

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