Should I add her and ask her out on Facebook?

Here's the thing, I sort of knew this cute girl in one of my class a semester ago. Although we didn't talk much, we'd occasionally flirt with each other when we did talk. I was going to ask her out on the last day we had class together, but I wussed out (I think she kind of knew or got the gist that I wanted to talk with her or ask her out because I went and sat by her on the last day of school. Throughout the majority of the semester, I sat like 5 seats away from her). We did talk on the last day, but that was it.

I just found her on Facebook the other day, and I was wondering if I should add her as a friend? Would it be weird? If she accepts, should I ask her out by sending her a message?

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  • Just go for it, there is nothing to lose. I will tell you that the probability that she will accept your date is low.

  • Shure. But it would be better to ask her out in person.

    • Yeah I would but I don't see her anymore lol

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    • Oh okay. I guess I can contact her, get to know her, then Skype or something

    • It will increase the amount of emotion you can give