Guys, If you didn't get a reaction from a girl would you still continue?

On two occasions I have gone over to this guys house and he put his hand on my breast and caressed them. At first I wasn't sure if it was accidental, but within no time it was apparent it was intentional. I had no issue with it, i was quite turned on however I didn't react to it. I would just close my eyes and I wouldn't really easy much and he laughed from time to time (not sure why).

Of course if I was uncomfortable I would have said something and he would get the picture. He just kind of got a firmer grip every so often and then he would pull himself closer to me, we were snuggling.

So guys if a girl wasn't really responded to this... Would you still continue and assume she's enjoying it? Also why was he pulling himself closer to me each time he had a firmer grip?


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  • Maybe he's trying to figure you out, how far till you say no.

    • That could be the case

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  • XD just say someting, girl. you´re leading on by seemingly enjoying it. i mean the laughing could be seen as a positive response.

    • I didn't feel like he was laughing for a bad reason. I wouldn't know what to say lol it felt okay, I wasn't uncomfortable etc

    • yeah but if you´re not into sexual stuff with him, you shouldn´t let him do it.

    • I know. That's what I do when I'm uncomfortable
      However it felt right. For once I was relaxed and enjoyed the moment

  • Yeah 🙂


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