Is it too late now?

I want to tell him how I honestly feel, and that I care about him and will miss him. But, I’m scared he doesn’t like me anymore because of all the mixed signals and me being confusing, I did not know what I wanted. I was talking to other guys and hooking up with others, and he wasn't really. We've been hooking up for over a year now, and I haven't really said how I felt about him unless I was drunk. We went on a few dates in the beginning, he asked me out, but now we’ve just been sleeping together for the last year. The reason we only went on a few dates in the begining was because we went on dates when I was home for the holidays. I was still at school then so I was going back to school, three hours away. We didn't talked about our feelings for one another and things got pretty messed up. There was a lot of mixed signals, confusion and miscommunication between us. So we would just hook up whenever we'd see eachother. He also thought I rejected him at a point, because I said things I didn't mean (I said we should just be friends when I was upset with him because I didn't know if he liked me and I said he should hookup with other people, I know low blows) and after that he ignored and avoided me for like a month. I’ve liked him all along but I just never knew what I wanted or how he felt/where we stood. I had just assumed he didn't like me and it was just casual. Now I’m moving away... I don't know how to tell him this all.. We kind of told eachother we like eachother when we were drunk, but I dont know if he really meant it becaue I brought it up. I saw him 2 nights ago and he fully ignored me and avoided me.. So now I dont know if he would care about what I would have to say. Why would start acting like this all of a sudden? Last time I saw him (2 weeks prior) we were fine? Does he still have feelings for me? Is it too late for us to be serious?


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