Any good kissing tips?

so me and my boyfriend makeout all the time. I don't want it to get boring for him. any ideas on what I can do to spice it up? I'm up for anything.


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  • Do you only want to keep it at kissing? Or are you prepared to go further sexually?

    • Ill go futher. as far as he wants to go.

    • Well either let him take the lead or if you're feeling impatient then make the next move. Put his hands where you want to touch him or just touch him. He'll get the hint pretty quick.

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  • Oral sex, hand jobs, mutual masturbation, intercourse. It is all contingent on what you are open too.


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  • Well try different lip chap, flavoured.

    Um, try putting ice in your mouth and passing it back and forth or

    some sort of drink. Alcoholic drinks with shaved ice are fun.

    Make sure your hands are moving so you don't get awkwardly stuck in a

    position for a long period of time.

  • play with his diick while ur making out with him

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