When should it be official?

How many dates or how long of getting to know each other should it take for two people to make it official? I've been seeing this guy whom I met on a dating site and we've exchanged texts for a month before meeting in person. Our second date is next weekend. I'm not rushing anything I'm just curious as to when this could/should become official.

Additional details: We really like each other and get along perfectly. Our interests line up as do our goals in life.


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  • Depends on the person. My now boyfriend, met on a dating site. He wanted to be official after the 3rd date. I made us wait a month. Depends on the speed of a person

    • I feel like he'd wait a few dates which is fine! I don't mind but I also don't want to ask him when he wants to so he doesn't think I'm desperate lol

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    • After a month should be fine to ask as youd want to see where its going but as its only the second date you should see how it goes rather than rush it. If he likes you he'll ask

    • Thank you. I'm not rushing anything I just came out of a bad relationship a few months ago and he's been single for awhile so we are both nervous.