My heart is breaking :(?

So this is maybe more of a rant than anything because it seems like all the people I called friends have disappeared.

2 years ago I met the most amazing wonderful guy, and in that time I have fallen completely in love with him. I tried my hardest not to because he's so unreliable but he was/is everything I want in a guy and just a truly good person.

We've dated consistently for over a year and a half but life circumstances have always kept us from moving forward together. Even though he knows I care about him deeply (tho maybe not exactly how much) and says he does too and would like to be more if things were different.

Well, that's nice and all but I can't wait on maybes. I've dated a LOT since we met (a lot more than he has). And about 6 months ago I met another guy.

He's a decent person but moreover he's stable and reliable and head over heels for me. Not only that... and I know this sounds awful... but he can really "provide" I guess (he's a CEO :/)

Anyway, he and I are hanging at his place tomorrow and I plan on suggesting we move in together. He's already said he wants to move a lot faster so I'm pretty convinced he'll say yes.

The thing is I know if I do it will change my life forever. He's a good bit older and he's not looking for "Miss Right Now" he's looking long term. He's a closer and he gets what he wants... its a scary thought but its also a relief to feel like with all my problems there'll be someone to stick by me.

The problem is I'm just fond of him.. I'm not in love with him. And as for guy #1, I'm starting to realize I may not be what he's looking for... and I don't wanna be with him unless I'm exactly what he wants.

I just don't know what to do. I'm sad and scared and just really not in a good place right now. If anyone has thoughts or perspective please share. And respect the fact that I've lived a really bizarre short life... so if you can't understand it at least don't jusge


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  • Not sure where the disappearing friends plays into this story or if that is another one?

    From what you've written, it seems like the main concern is whether or not things will move forward with guy #1. The best, and easiest, way to find the answer to that is to straight up ask him. Talk to him, be honest about how you feel about him and where you are at. If he lets you know he really is wanting things to move forward and is trying to and what not, then you should do it. If he doesn't seem to be trying to make things move after you have told him everything you feel, then it is time to move on. However even if you do move on, moving that fast with a guy you have only known for 6 months and are only "just fond of" is not a good idea. He sounds like a great guy and would still be worth seeing but don't get yourself stuck with a guy who you have been just starting to get to know and don't feel that much for.


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  • Go for the guy who you can yourself with long-term; the guy who see's himself with you just the same.

  • you go for the one you are interested or else you will end up cheating eventually. your friends have dissapeared because they were most likely acquaintances

    • No, they were people who claim to love me. We were there for each other once. Now... they're gone

  • I mean which ones hotter lol

    • The one i like is. If it were a matter of choice I'd pick him in a heartbeat. Its a matter of waiting or not waiting

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