Best dating website for all ages?

I'm 15, almost 16 and shy.
And the kids at my school are all hormonal childish brats.

I want to find someone online i could get along with, just li ke me,
and maybe we could meet up some day..

I currently use an app called meetme
and its full of hormonal teen boys/old men begging teen girls for nudes 24/7, which I don't know why girls still get on there,
fake bots scamming teen boys for nudes and credit card information,
pregnant teens looking for guys to replace the place of the guy who got them pregnant
girls asking for rides from people who live near them
i don't want anyyytthiiinngg... anything, to do with that.

its supposed to be a dating app that ages from like 14 - 25
(25 is the oldest age I've seen on there)

so please something real for all ages that doesn't have all that nonsense
(and i can promise you relationships on there last no more than a week)


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  • Meet me has a lot of age groups. It's in the search settings, it will take whatever age you say you are and it decides what to show you. But you can change those settings. Also, if you're under 18, most apps won't let you join. If I'm not mistaken, kik and snapchat are for teens. At least mostly. I'm sure some older people on there too, but I think it's mainly the younger crowd.