I freaked him out and now I'm the one that's lost interest?

I was seeing this guy for about a month and it was going well until I freaked him out. Which I know I done because I really wanted a relationship and I probably made some silly remarks anyway so he got freaked out told me that he didn't want a relationship but friends with benefits.

I realized it was a lost cause and he was a little mean to me so I started to pull away from him. Now all of a sudden his gone back to the way he was before. Making a huge effort, arranging dates I told him I was going on holiday for a few days and he asked would it be ok if rang before I go to sleep every night.

Tbh I've kinda put back up my wall because I felt he had messed me about. So what should I do now? What would you do?


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  • Well, he sounds like he wants you all to himself, hence the calling every night to check on you, ya know, so you don't find someone else, or, he may be genuinely worried about you and he may care for you but is scared to start a relationship, so I'd ask yourself this, does it seem like he may like me, or does he seem like he wants to use you, if use, get away from him


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