Red flag for future relationships?

So one thing that bothered me about my ex was he never took any interest in my interests. I'm saying he had to like it, but he never paid attention when it came to shows I enjoyed, activities I wanted to do, music interests and just general interests. Although I didn't like the stuff he liked I still did those things w/him because I wanted to do these activities w/him. I don't expect a guy to absorb and love everything I do, but at least to respect it. He also didn't like my friends and found them weird, but my friends mean a lot to me. I have experienced being treated like crap and this group of friends is amazing. They are there for me, they care about me and everyone else in our group. His friends on the other hand were the complete opposite very egotistical and just into themselves. Is this a red flag? I found that my ex was pretty selfish.


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  • Yeah I would think it is a combination of those things being a red flag


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  • yup, he's selfish alright.


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