Girls, How would you react if a guy picked you up in the following car?

It's finally date time and you are having your date picking you up for your long awaited date (or not so long awaited). They role around to your place, as you peek truth the window you can't see his car as its being covered by that big tree outside your place. So as you exit your place and walk to his car you are greeted with the following vehicle.

Girls, How would you react if a guy picked you up in the following car?Above Model/Car: Mercedes-Benz Smart Car (ForTwo Pure)

What would your first thoughts be at this time?
What would your reaction be at this time?
And would your rating of your date degrade or upgrade based on there car?

  • I would not care, car is a car. My opinion would not change at this point.
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  • I would be bit disappointed, I expected something bigger/better
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  • I would turn around and not go on the date
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  • I would think the guy is a loser, small cars = broke ass loser
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  • Guys do pick me up in those cars. 😛

    They are called Car2Go's you lick them up on the street downtown and pay by the minute for them. They are easier to get around in downtown as you can just park them on the curb and leave it so parking isn't an issue and if you are having drinks at dinner you can just take an Uber home and don't have to worry about finding your car the next morning. Though we've started using Iber more than Car2Go lately.


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  • The car doesn't mean anything to me. It's transportation and that's it, I don't really see it as a status symbol like some do. I would be more worried about how well the guy drives, honestly, haha.

  • I once went out with somebody and to look at his car you wouldn't think he had 2 penny's in his pocket. He wasn't interested in cars but he loved planes and owned a lovely private jet!

  • I have always wanted to ride in one

  • It is what it is