Trying to understand men: Why do guys show interest and then dissapear?

I know this question has been asked by many girls in a lifetime, but why do guys talk and show interest in a girl then disappear? How could they know they weren't into her or interested in her already, when only doing something with her a couple times? There had to be some kind of interest to start with, right? Why do some guys take time to woo a girl, just to never talk or see her again?


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  • Guys get bored so fast. They need to miss you. It's a normal cycle of the male gender. The books says. They look like a rubber when it's weak u need to stretch it wide so the more u let it stretched the stronger it will come back to u.
    Our mistake we freak out on them so the more we argue the longer he will take to comeback to you. If u going to respect their period cycle he will keep love u the same level he met u.

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