Is it too late?

After a night out a year ago, we slept together. Than a few weeks later he then asked me out on a date. We had a great time together, and did not have sex. We hung out again a few days after. I was still in my last semester of school then, so the time we spent time together was over the holidays but I then went back to school, 3 hours away. We never really talked about what we were then. We talked a bit throughout the semester and we hooked up a few times when I would go home. I just assumed it was casual. When I moved back to the city after the semester, eight months ago (where he lives) things were just different from when we'd actually hungout and went on dates. I wanted to date him but I felt he didn't like me anymore, so we just continued to hooking up, I'd see him every weekend usually when we went out. Then a few months ago he tried to kiss me, and I didn’t let him so he left the bar. I think he felt rejected by me. He got really upset with me and avoided me and we didn't hook up for a 2 months. We all went to a festival a week after that happend and he told his friend he was pissed that I was going, but I didn't know that, and he avoided me. But 2 months after we resumed sleeping together. But I was talking to other guys and would hook up with other guys, and he didn't sleep with anyone else. He called me mean once because I was talking to another guy on the phone.. Two months ago he pissed me off when we were drunk, so I sent him a message saying “I liked him but were better off being just friends” He didn't reply, and I asked him about it and said “if thats how you feel”. We ended up having a drunk convo 2 weeks later and He told me what I said really upset him. He opened up a lot to me and said he is scared of being hurt and rejected. I told him I really do like him and he said he liked me also. When I said I did really care about him he was in disbelief.. But Im moving away for work in two weeks. We slept together twice after that talk. But I slept with some else right after (I don’t know if he knows). Then found out he went on a date with some girl last week.. And then when I saw him last weekend he completely ignored me and avoided me, I don’t understand why he is being like this? because he has feelings? Is it too late for us? I want to tell him I care about him and like him.. will that make a difference to him?


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  • MOVE ON GIRL! it's like a horrible love song stuck on repeat.