Does she like me?

Went on a few dates with a girl over the past several weeks. She posted pictures of us going hiking on her instagram and told some of her family about me. The problem is that I will be going abroad for 6 weeks soon. We talked about it and she has concerns about getting involved with me (especially if we sleep together) because either of us might change our minds. Her texts have also been less frequent recently. Does she like me still? Does she like me enough to wait 6 weeks?



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  • I think she likes you... as for liking you enough to wait 6 weeks, that's a little iffy. I would just try to spend as much time with her as possible until you have to leave. My friend would go on 5 week trips on a boat for work with little to no contact with the outside world, he went on a couple dates with this girl prior to him departing. A year later and they are still going strong, so it is definitely possible, just talk to her about it and gauge from there. I think she is trying to distance herself from you just in case it doesn't work out because of how long you will be gone.