Is it possible that she likes me?

Basicly I've know the girl for years just haven't seen or talked to her in forever. she's grown up a lot and i now find myself atratcted to her. Recentlty she just started working in the office at my job i didn't even recognize her at first an i dont think she recognized me. We now talk a little everyday work realtated or when there's free time and she Always uses my name in every sentecn i proably hear it a thousand times a day and its just me she does it too or somethimes she bends over to pick somthing up in front of me but today was a bad day for me and when i have these days noone knows i just keep a statigh face and do my job but out of all the coworkers product suppliers and customers i deal with 24/7 she saw through me asking what was wrong if i need to talk about it even one of my clients asked her how she knew that she said she just had a feeling and she was right i know she tlaks aboubt me to her coworks because after that another one of the girls asked me if i was ok so she could assure her i was fine does it sound like she could like me?


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  • yes it's possible

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