What the difference between calling someone a n** or you are being nigger?

What the difference between calling someone a n** or you are being nigger?

Hey my name is Michele and I've been in this relationship with this guy for more than seven years and he decided to callme n** when we were arguing several times and on more than one occasion the First time I kinda just let go, but this time around I did not speak to him for a whole day and told him eventually how I felt but he didn't seem to be bothered by my feelings and will not apologize , his defence was I said you were being a n** not you are a nigger! I know what he called me n** as I was sober and was not , I don't know what to do , I know he isn't racist but that word is unacceptable and should be shunned lol. please be honest on what you beings think? because my mind is puzzled and can't stop thinking about it , I don't understand how he think this is ok and it doesn't matter when he loves his rap and is a big fan of tupac, lol πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚what would tupac say? he that does not slide with me !πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜”πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ˜He's also big history fan so omg so confused maybe he needs to learn some African American history? Any black girls dating a white guy and would you tolerate this behaviour? I have no problem forgiving but he has always had trouble apologizing I know he feels guilty by will not demonstrate remorse and insensitive you should see my face when he said that I was so digusted and reminded him that he ain't better than me or anyone for that matter and he need to learn to respect others and watch that mouth. Sorry guys just disappointed!

Hope and and wish you all a great week and amazing New YearπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜

  • What do you think is the really a difference hen referring to someone as a bigger or acting like one
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  • White guy drop Nbomb at his black girlfriend!
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  • He referred to you as a n****r in anger? On more than one occasion? And you're wondering if this behavior is something you should easily forgive?

    Excuse my language, but fuck that guy. No self-respecting person would use that term, especially in anger -- and especially directed toward his partner. Dude's trash.


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  • This is a very sensitive word to African Americans and has no place in our language. I know they sometimes call each other that and I've never understood why it's ok for them but not other races to use it. Still a European American (I hate this black/white shit and wish we could all just be people) is just asking for trouble using it and they should get their ass kicked.

  • "I know he isn't racist but that word is unacceptable and should be shunned lol." πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So let me get this right, he decided to call you a n** in the middle of an argument, yet you have the nerves to try to justify it? While also saying that he isn't racist? Like come on now, you can't be serious.

    Since like I always say "when people are mad, they'll let how they truly feel about you come out" of the woodworks for the whole world to see.

    And in this case, he called you the lowest of the low in the "racial slurs" world IMHO aka a " #N-bomb" like there's no recovering from that no matter how you want to cut it.

    And hell that shouldn't have even been said to somebody in the 1st place. nonetheless a girlfriend of 7 YEARS. So are you really going to stay with him after that?

    "What the difference between calling someone a n** or you are being nigger?"

    1. Being called 1 is a direct insult.

    2. When ____ says that you're acting like 1, they're basically insulting you just in a more passive manner. In the end, you'd still be called a n-bomb, right?

    But you know what, screw this shit robinbrown.co.uk/.../double-facepalm1.jpg and this is why you guys (black women) are the laughing stocks of the world now when it comes to females.

    • How can latinos call black people the n word (example fat joe) but white people can't?

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    • "And what do you mean us black women are laughing stock" Imma have to shut my mouth up for a change. Since If I said what I wanted to say the comment would be removed and your feelings would be hurt (if not you... most black women) lol

  • Dude is more than a little comfortable if you ask me. He's in need of an education, in my opinion.

  • He meant it as an insult, leave him.


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