Dating app for obese women, but none for obese men? Also who's more likely to date a obese person Men or women? And why?

This dating app was made to give obese women a level playing field when looking to meet and date. Supposedly other women can't join unless they're obese, but guys who aren't overweight can join. Its funny that there's guys that go for obese women However the opposite is extremely extremely less prevalent. The site's name is woo plus.


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  • Admittedly, women are more valued for their looks and are severely handicapped by being obese. Some guys go for it, but they are generally the type of guys that got kicked down a few notches in the dating scene.

    Men have proven that obesity can be overcome with money. Money cures all. Being boisterous with money also helps. Like, whoa! What a big shot! You look girthy in all the right places when you put down the little man! *please write me in your will and die of a heart attack, Chad*

  • Fat woman has an easier time getting casual sex, fat man has an easier time getting a relationship.

    • They only do with a obese woman, Otherwise they have to be rich and/or famous.