How to deal with mixed emotions?

So there was this girl I really REALLY liked. She works at a store that I go very often and well let's just say it seemed like she like me too. So I went in weeks after to ask her if it's okay if I take her out for coffee sometime and that is it okay if I give her my phone number she said "yes" with a genuine smile and I also asked her if she doesn't have a boyfriend and she quickly said "no, no". A week goes by and I honestly got my hopes up ): and and I cannot hold the urge to talk to her again. It's been 7 days and still no text so I go look for her and try to find a good opportunity to talk to her. So I see her coming back from break I'm assuming and I finally talk to her and say "hey , how are you doing? I was wondering if you have texted me or not because I kinda think I gave you the wrong number. Also I don't think it was appropriate for me to give you my number, I should have asked for yours" so looks at me smiles and says "I'm sorry , it's kind of a bad time right now. I'm trying to fix things with my ex boyfriend. " to be honest I've never felt my heart "shatter" like that day somehow I felt it was going to be different.😔 I feel played and most of all I'm so mad at myself for getting my hopes up.. I guess My real question is how do I get over a girl that was never mine? Where did I go wrong?


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  • It wasn't you.
    You let your interest be known, and you waited for her to reciprocate which she did not.
    None of this is your fault.
    Although rejection is a big let done, when you understand that it literally is a part of every aspect of life, then you won't dwell on it so hurt.
    Just move on, and try your luck with other girls.
    These things sometimes happen.
    Nothing is guaranteed.

    • The more time that passes, the more you will move on from this. Trust me <3

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    • Thank you very much for you support and advice. I really hope I Stop thinking about her most of my day like I do now. Weird how she wasn't even my girlfriend and didn't know her but I find myself crying over this situation at night ever since I had the nerve to talk to her. Thank you... really! you don't know how much your words help even just a little

    • That means so much to me. I wish you all of the best.

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  • Sounds like you unfortunately caught a girl on the rebound.

    I used to think this rebound kind of stuff was nonsense until it happened to me (the reverse way). While brokenhearted, I kissed a girl in a club, got her phone number, called her the next day. We had a nice dinner, karaoke, went to a hotel, she undressed. She was a perfectly attractive woman, but I just got so depressed that she didn't look at all like my ex-girlfriend. So I made an excuse that I was so tired, we went to sleep together (no sex), and then I never returned her phone calls.

    And it was the most monstrous thing I ever did. I can only imagine how it must have made her feel, and I've always regretted not telling her why I couldn't do anything that night.

    Those rebound relationships are really unhealthy when the person hasn't gotten over their ex completely.

    I think for your side, I imagine it's really rare for you to muster up the courage to ask a woman's phone number. As a result, it's very painful to get these hopes up and see it fizzle out. The way to get over it to me is to make it so asking a girl for her number is no longer such a big deal. Network like crazy. Follow up on those invitations to events, even from someone who is just an acquaintance. Get out there, make friends (male and female).

    That'll give you plenty of opportunities to meet women, ask them their contact information, and start doing this without putting all your hopes and dreams into one phone call.

    • You're right man. talking to her was so rare for me I'm one of those really quiet guys that usually Keeps things to themselves but I just stepped out of my comfort zone it's just the way this girl smiled at me every time I seen her... I thought for sure I had her ),:

    • On the flip side, that's a good sign because she said "yes" initially, but you unfortunately targeted a girl on the rebound. It means she at least found your attempts convincing and charming, so you can probably find some other girls who think the same way. Also you might try and be patient and wait for her to kind of get over her ex, maybe things will change them, but I recommend kind of breaking out of your shell and get over your insecurities, meet lots of people, and surround yourself with women.

      If you just keep doing that, it becomes almost inevitable that you'll meet a girl who will return your call, go on a date, and everything will fall into place. But the probability of that goes to an all-time low if you just do this like once every few years.

  • With time just wait