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There's this guy who has been messaging me. He's really hot, but not really my type (like blonde haired blue-eyes, outgoing guys, he's the opposite). Half of me wants to see where this will go, the other half doesn't want to go there bc he's military and I know what kind of life that is.


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  • Personally, I would never date a military guy because I couldn't handle it but if you think it will go somewhere then why not try it I guess?

    • I dated one before and it wasn't that fun, but everyone is different ya know?

    • Yeah I agree. I guess you just have to ask yourself if you'd be okay with him being gone for long period of time and suc.

    • I mean horny-wise it would be ridiculous... and he wants to be career. Buutttt he is doing it just because he wants to and not for some higher motive like my ex did. So he may get bored of it and do something else eventually.

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  • Looks aren't a big deal in this situation, since you do find him attractive. but him being in the military... well, I don't know. You're better off not dating him, if you feel you can't handle being away from him for long durations.

    • I already dated a military guy and it sucked but I did it

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