What should I do?

I know this fine Latina girl at my workplace (she has light eyes but brown skin). She has a nice ass body, nice ass and fine boobs. She always flirts with me when we're working, and it is the sort of flirting that's reallll sexual. For example, I was lifting some stuff out back once, and she said while holding on my arm muscles "I bet you know how to use other things good too". I flirt back too of course. I'd ruin the vibe if I didn't. Anyway, what should I do because my parents are against me dating non-white girls. They want me to date a white girl. But this girl is absolutely fine, no guy of any race would turn her down. Should I just say screw it, and take this girl for a ride of her life, or respect my parents?


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  • Only you are in control of your life.
    Remember that.


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