How to meet datable guys when everything you have tried untill now doesn't work?

I dont know how to meet guys or how to date, everything i have tried untill now doesn't seem to get any results.

Things i do with no results:
I go out more, and i meet more people,
I have joined dating apps
joined a volunteer group

Untill now there is no interesting guys at my work nor in any of my classes.. I out of ideas and its starting to get very frustrating


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  • probably because you're looking for interesting guys aka entertainment and not a good person

    • why do you say that? when i say interesting i mean a guy who intrests me physically as well as mentally

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    • Im not looking for entertainment as you call it, but i do want someone i actually attracted to.. it might come as a surprise to you that some girls want attractive dating partners

    • if youve looked through all these places and can't find someone attractive then i dont know what to tell you but lower your standards a little thats usually wwhen you find someone good.

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