Should I start dating?

So after this question: it at least gave me a reason to see it for myself.
College changes and that is when I found I could start dating in all honestly. My class was about 40 girls and none were for me so I was stuck there for 6 years (7th-12 grade).

I had problems. It was going well with this girl. I followed her once to be alone with her. The other time I played pool with her and it seems great. I felt she could have been attracted to me. She kind of showed it but then I found out she was drooling for this guy who wasn't talking to her that much and she was this nervous. I always if my old friends were talking in code and the guy was me. When they were talking about it I said no word or interest in the conversation. Maybe that ruined it? I have no idea. They were asking for tips and hell I didn't know back then. I was just learning.

Next semester came and my acne insecurities went off and I think I should have talked about my insecurities about acne with one of the girls in my high school so this would have never happened. I went to beach alone with no shirt but even actions are not enough. You really have to believe you're secure. So that failed. I haven't seen her in half a year so I don't know how would she treat me.

Another girl I liked a lot was going to pharmacy school Like I was. She liked EDM, The Walking Dead etc. A lot of common things. She was nerdy, more or less. She asked me to sit with her and once she came to me to sit with me. She seemed interested but then I found she treats everyone so well, maybe better and I thought she was too hard to tell if she liked me back so I kind of told her the details. She never said anything. Now this semester comes and smiled at me on the first day but today she tried not look at me?

Mondays and Wednsday I take one class and go. So no way to meet up girls? Tuesday and Thursday I can talk to girls during Bio lab class and I have 2 hour free.

So I don't know. I can do it but it's hard enough to find girls but at least being that late I can get a chance to talk to girls where are her friends left. Maybe it's all my head but I REALLY want to see if I could have dated two beautiful girls and it was my old dumb me.

I now feel like I don't want my acne to clear up and I'm scared lol. I want to see this. I need to see it for myself that girls are a beautiful caring gender.


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  • yeah it's no problem to date