How to talk to a guy?

there's this guy at my school. I really like him, and I knowww he likes me. it's sooo obvious that we like each other, but we almost never talk at school now because we've become so shy.
when we were regular friends and didn't like each other, talking to each other wasn't weird or awkward. we would just talk. but now that we like each other, we NEVER talk. i at least try to put an effort but he puts almost no effort.
we do text every single day though.
i smile and wave whenever i see him, so it's something. but i hate how shy we both are. what do i do?


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  • Well if you still text each other then try meet up with him and go do something alone together. Tell him that you miss seeing him and you want to do something. Remember that guys are just as scared as you when it comes to making the first move. Don't expect him to do anything and then anything that he does do is an unexpected bonus.


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