There's a girl who always stares me and smiles. What does she mean?

There's a girl who always stares me and smiles when i see her. She just had a breakup and now she's single. If she is looking somewhere else, her friends tell her to turn around at me when i am near her. What signals is she trying to give me?
And by the way i have never talked to her before cuz im new to school almost 3 months but i follow her on insta and have seen her a lot of time before in school.


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  • she likes you and thinks you like her too..

    • But how can you be sure? and she is not in any of my class how will I date her than? You're a girl so you should know how do you like the approach of boys

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    • Notice what things?

    • @MrMystery28 guys never notice these things T_T if so then how? sorry lol. since your a guy.. how can you tell if a guy is interested?(x does saying "hi how are you" means he likes u or not hmm

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  • She is interested.
    Walk up to her and be like hey.
    Get to know her see if you like her personality. Also read her body language to see if she likes you.
    Ask Her questions.. really good quality questions. Don't talk about your self that much like if she asks answer but don't go.. Im this and this and this. It will leave you mysterious. Then if you like her ask for number. While you are asking take out your phone ( Confidence).
    Get the number.. Then be like cool i have to go now nice meeting you and then you leave.
    Text her 3 days later asking for a date.
    If you don't like her. Just say nice meeting you i have to run.

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