Please help! why is my ex treating me like this?

We broke up almost 1 month ago because I came back home (I was studying abroad) and he was acting very cold towards me since that day (answering my messages 1 or 2 days late) then suddenly he was sweet, telling me how much he miss me and that he will never find a girl like me.

The next day he was cold again telling me that I have to move on and he even told me "you need to sleep with someone else"

Then he ignored me for a week and yesterday he was sweet again. He asked me if I was seeing someone and he told me that I didn't need to have sex with someone else because we have a lot of moments.

Why he always appears and then disappears?


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  • "Why he always appears and then disappears?"

    He seems unsure of what he wants from you, and due to your consistent acceptance of his inconsistent behavior and your strong feelings for him, he believes he can do so with impunity, and as he sees fit.


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