What Does he want, another chance? Help?

I was seeing this guy back in November, he said he was in town, and I suggested meeting, and he said he was out with his friend, which I am certain that he was, as he texted me from friends phone, and asked if I could call him, I gather he didn't have credit, He said he would meet me the night after, I was a bit upset, as we we're long distance, and I had gone to visit him, and was leaving a few days later, I said in the end, if he didn't meet me that night, that was it for us and their wouldn't be a next time, I didn't get any message back, couple of days went by I apologised, still nothing. And just last Saturday I recieved a message from him saying it was him, and asked me to add him on whatsapp, and his number, now I am wondering why, any ideas?


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  • Sounds like he's accepted your apology and is willing to move forward with you. Why now? He's had time to rethink the situation and get over his anger.


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