Guys, does it mean your not interested if you don't text a girl first, but reply most of the time when she texts you?

I've been talking to this guy for nearly a month now, we hit it off fast and I gave him my number after a few days of talking online. We've talked about going to see a movie together because we both like horror movies, but we were both too busy to meet up. Another time we were texting and we were planning on meeting up but he kept saying I lived to far because I'm about an hour away. I offered to meet him and he asked when so I told him whenever he was free. A few days later I texted him and he didn't reply, so I figured I would let him be in case he was busy. Another couple days passed and I texted him again and he replied after a few hours and appologized saying he didn't realize he didn't reply to me. We texted for a few days and he went silent again. I've tried texting him twice in the span of a week, one asking if he wanted to hang out sometime that week and another just basic text to see if he'd even reply. It's been about a week since I last tried to text him and I've pretty much given up.
Is it normal for a guy to just lose interest within a few days?


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  • Why should a guy have to text first all the time?

    If he NEVER texts first then he's probably not interested but if he does occasionally and tries to make any excuse to talk to you then he's interested