What do you think of someone who kisses a guy in a relationship?

I'm asking for advice. A younger family member of mine has been crushing on a guy for almost a year now. The thing is, the guy is in a three year relationship with another girl who he supposedly loves.
This family member of mine would come home telling me stories of how they would sit alone together talking for hours and how he would tell her his relationship frustrations, such as how annoying his girlfriend is and how she doesn't put effort into looking good for him anymore.
So my family member apparently kissed him now. I'm trying to keep out of it as it's not any of my business and she's very defensive about him. But I told her to tell him he has to choose her or his girlfriend. Inside, I just want to say, "can't you see he's a fuckboy? Do you want to be the side chick? Do you want to waste your time on stupid little boys?"
What should I say to her to get her to wake up to herself?


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  • She's cheating with him. That in and of itself is pretty screwed up.