Girls, Girls what do you find attractive in a male?

Girls, Girls what do you find attractive in a male ?

Hi everyone , I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic. Anyway I've never had a girlfriend I come from Melbourne Aus and find the girls here really difficult to talk to, I'm very relaxed and down to earth. All my mates who have been overseas reckon the girls come up to you and talk , unless you're in a big city in a western country where girls are precived to be more self entitled. Anyway what do you find attractive in a guy? I have broad shoulders broad chest muscular , I have bright blue eyes big check bones good jawline , but I have red hair which always seems to be the biggest turn of. I have a good job , completed a degree in economics, very down to earth and can talk to most people , yet when I ask a girl out I've just been always told no , go away, ewwww red head yuck , no sorry. I've just got to the point of giving up because I just can't be bothered anymore I'm sick of it. Anyway here's photos of myself


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  • You're definitely attractive to girls. Just keep trying and see what happens. Girls also fall more for genuine personality than I think guys realize. Guys think girls want this perfect guy with a steady job and blah blah blah, when in reality, most girls just want someone they enjoy being around and are attracted to. So go meet some girls and get to know them! You've got the attractive part down, trust me.
    Also, I don't know anyone who doesn't like red hair on a guy, most of my friends think it's attractive

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