How to make my girlfriend laugh? How to make our talks less awkward?

I've been dating this girl for about 2 months now and at first it was awkward but now not so much. But I'm running out of things to say. Please help give me some jokes or topics I can talk to her about (btw we're in 7th grade)


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  • If you're running out of things to say and never have anything to branch off of, sorry to say, but it's not gonna last.
    However, some things to talk about are:
    -Video games
    -Abortions (yay or nay)
    -Math homework
    -Science! (:D)
    -Favorite vegetables
    -What laundry detergent is the most effective?

    If these fail, you could always watch a romantic movie like "The Passion of the Christ".


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  • You shouldn't feel the need to ask this question. If you can't make conversation, then I'm sorry to say this, but you're not for each other.
    Things should flow naturally, not forced like you're trying to do.

    When you're with friends, you don't have a list of things to say, you just start talking and let the conversation flow. Same thing should happen with your girlfriend.

    • I'm sorta weird around my friends and act differently around her than when I'm with other and I feel that if I act like I do around my friends she'll be disgusted or dissapointed with me

    • You shouldn't be fake. You shouldn't try to force anything, it has to be natural, that's why we can't tell you what you should talk about, cause in the end after you've talked about that you're gonna be in the same spot as right now, so you wouldn't be moving forward, just in circles.

  • Kiss her kiss her man just do it

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