I'm stuck between two guys and I dunno what to do?

So I've been friends with this guy for three years and I friend zoned him because I didn't have feelings but now i kinda do a little and he likes me too but I really like this other guy and I broke up with the first guy for this guy and I don't know if I'm making a mistake I dunno witch one is good for me right now. Please help meeeee!

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Note: My mom only approves of the first one 🙄


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  • If you are stuck between two guys you should select second one because if you really liked first one there wouldn't be second one


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  • Original thought would be neither, but I am going to change it.

    If you like the second guy more and are certain he is a better choice, then go for him. Only you will know if you're making a mistake.

    I like what @kontrpiyesekaldim said.


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  • I normally would go with the friend zoned guy, but really you left him for the second guy, like that's gotta kill his ego dude. I'm really sorry but I think you missed your chance. I voted on second guy but if the first guy isn't mad at you and if you really do like him more, then maybe try it with him. But really he might not be all that stoked.

  • You should go for the 3rd guy 😶


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